DIY Lawn Checkerboard

Get a checkmate with this DIY project.

A lawn checkerboard isn’t just fun for the whole family, but also visually appealing and a unique way to enhance a lawn.



Materials Needed:

32 Cement Pavers, sizes vary. 16-inch pavers for jumbo, 1-inch pavers for handheld.

4 packs of SodPods, 32 total pods




Sod Cutter (Optional)



Step 1:

Clear the area you wish to turn into a checkerboard, this can be done with a sod cutter. For handheld checkers, an area of 3’x3’ is sufficient. For a jumbo checkerboard, clear an area of 10.5 ft. x 10.5 ft.’. Use a rake to level the ground.


Step 2:

Lay the pavers in 8 rows of 4, in an alternating pattern to create a classic checkerboard look.


Step 3.

Create a Sod Pod sized hole in the center of the empty spaces. Hole should be about 2.25 inches wide.


Step 4.

Refer to our planting guide for additional details. Place a pinch of fertilizer in the hole, followed by the Sod Pod.


Step 5

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until your checkerboard is filled out.


Step 6

Refer to our care guide for additional details. Water excessively for first few days, eventually leaning off once growth is showing.


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