Our Story

Meet root

Root is a young tiny pod, but don’t let looks fool you, Root is strong and ready to grow into a big lawn. What makes Root so strong is his established root system. Once planted, Root will be able to adapt to his new home quicker without shock.

As a baby, Root was nurtured with water and nutrients. This means he is already packed full of what he needs to be successful in a lawn. Root requires less water than conventional sod. Don’t forget to feed him upon planting to make him grow big and strong!

Root can’t wait to meet you and your family. He can be shipped directly to your door. Shop SodPods today!

Root is a full lawn value, in a pod! Less Water, Maximum Success. Shop today!

Hi, Root here. I can be a toy too, trim my hair and watch me grow!

There are endless possibilities with SodPods®, learn about all you can do with a Root.