Tips and Inspiration for Your Lawn and Garden

  • 9 Water-Saving Tips to Maintain Your Lawn

    Maintaining a healthy lawn relies on providing its fundamental needs: food, sunlight, and water. These elements are essential in sustaining growth, making sure your grass thrives and your lawn remains resilient against environmental stresses.
  • Is Your Lawn Healthy? 5 Signs You Need New Grass Plugs

    As homeowners, we work hard to create a beautiful outdoor space that reflects our long-term commitment to our property. Our efforts are particularly evident in how we look after our grass to ensure it stays dense and green.
  • 5 Signs of Grub Damage in Your Lawn

    Continue reading as we share insights into identifying grub damage in your lawn, allowing you to take proactive measures for control. We also share tips on how to restore your lawn using grass plugs.

  • 8 Lawn Care Myths That Damage Your Grass

    Maintaining a lush, green, weed-free lawn can be challenging. With a wealth of lawn care tips online, homeowners often rely on this information to look after their lawns. However, distinguishing reliable advice from misinformation can be difficult.

  • Should You Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide in Spring?

    Pre-emergent herbicides are products applied to the soil, aiming to prevent weed growth in lawns and landscapes. This proactive approach helps keep weeds from emerging and taking over to contribute to a healthy, weed-free lawn.

  • 6 Factors to Consider When Looking for a Grass Plug Supplier

    When establishing a new lawn, you have several options to choose from—starting from seeds, using grass plugs, or laying sod.

  • What Causes Thatch in Lawns

    Thatch is a key element of lawn maintenance that is beneficial in moderation but can pose significant issues when it builds up excessively.
  • When to Start Mowing in Spring and When Not To

    As spring arrives, you probably have the urge to get out and start mowing the lawn—and that is quite understandable. Many lawns have brown, dead, matter grass from winter dormancy, and you're eager to rake it off.
  • Spring Lawn Care: Maintenance Checklist for a Greener Lawn

    As the first signs of spring become more imminent—warmer days, a greener lawn, and the appearance of weeds—many homeowners are eager to restore their lawns after the wear and tear of the previous seasons.
  • What Attracts Insects to Your Lawn?

    As the fresh, sweet-smelling spring season approaches, you probably can't wait to go out to your lawn. However, you may soon discover you're not the only one eager to soak up the sun. Flying and crawling insects are also emerging, and while bugs are a natural part of the great outdoors, their presence can be bothersome.

  • 5 Most Common Lawn Diseases in Spring & How to Treat Them

    By identifying the signs of lawn disease or fungus early, you can take the necessary measures to address them before they spread further and keep your grass healthy. Preventive measures are crucial, but in severe situations, you can repair the damage with grass repair pods, which we will discuss later in the article.
  • 8 Common Weeds in Spring and How to Control Them

    Weeds are plants that grow where they're not wanted. While some weeds are harmless, many grow aggressively, detracting from the aesthetics of your lawn. If left unchecked, weeds can overtake your lawn, competing for nutrients with the grass you have diligently cultivated.