Is Bermuda Grass Dog-Friendly?


Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass known for its excellent heat and drought tolerance. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and is regarded as one of the most resilient turfgrasses available to homeowners today.

However, as pet owners, our primary concerns revolve around whether Bermuda grass is safe for our furry friends. Dogs, known for their curious nature and playfulness, may nibble on grass or engage in rough play that can potentially damage your lawn. Their bathroom routine and digging habits can also take a toll on your grass.

The good news is that Bermuda grass is not toxic to dogs. Its resilience and fast wear recovery also make it a great option for cultivating a healthy lawn that can stand up to your dog's ruff activities.

Bermuda Grass and Dog Safety

Bermuda grass is generally safe for pets. It lacks the toxic compounds found in some other plants. 

While some dogs may occasionally eat grass, letting your dog eat it excessively isn't ideal. This behavior may signal an underlying issue, such as boredom or an upset stomach. If you notice your dog eating more grass than usual, try redirecting their attention with treats, toys, or a game. Commands like leave it can also be helpful. If the behavior continues, consult your vet to rule out any health problems.

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Bermuda Grass: The Best Grass for Dogs

Pets spending time outdoors can significantly affect your lawn. In addition to their grass-eating habits, paw traffic, digging, and your dog relieving themselves can leave patches of dead grass without proper maintenance. The high nitrogen content in pet urine can burn the grass, resulting in yellow spots. 

While these are common issues with pet ownership, you can take a proactive approach to keeping your lawn healthy and green, starting with selecting a grass type that can withstand these factors.

Bermuda grass boasts a dense root system that can resist wear and tear from dog traffic. Additionally, it is known for being the fastest-growing warm-season grass. It grows and spreads rapidly, recovering quickly from damage with the right conditions and maintenance.

Overall, its durability and regenerative ability make Bermuda grass an excellent option for pet owners looking to maintain a lush and resilient lawn. It’s the same resilience that explains why it is widely used in products like Gotta Go Grass® pads for dogs. It provides a long-lasting solution for your pet’s bathroom needs, staying lush and green for weeks.

Keeping Your Dog Safe and Your Lawn Healthy

Ensuring your dog's safety on your lawn is simple. While Bermuda grass is safe, be cautious when using fertilizers or pesticides, which can be toxic to your pets. Keep your dog off the grass after applying any chemical treatments until it's safe for them to play again.

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To minimize damage, consider fencing off a designated play area on your lawn. It can be any grass area free of furniture or garden plants that may be toxic to your dog. Most importantly, always supervise your dog during playtime to ensure they're not ingesting anything harmful.


Bermuda Grass Plugs from SodPods®

Whether starting a new dog-friendly lawn or repairing dog-damaged areas, Bermuda grass plugs offer a convenient solution to help you cultivate a healthy, green lawn. This warm-season grass variety offers durability that matches your dog's rambunctious nature.

SodPods® offers a wide range of warm-season grass varieties for grass plugging, providing the advantage of healthy grass with a mature root system. This guarantees faster establishment than seed, so you and your dog can enjoy a healthy, dense lawn in a shorter period.

Explore our selection of grass plugs on the SodPods® website today to get started on your dog-friendly lawn transformation.


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