The Benefits of Outdoor Family Time: Physical and Emotional Health

As the speed of life continues to race forward, it's crucial to take a step back and appreciate the value of spending quality time with our family outdoors. The benefits of these shared experiences are multifold, providing not only significant improvements to our physical health but also enhancing our emotional wellbeing. Let's delve deeper into how outdoor family time can substantially contribute to overall health and happiness and explore the innovative ways in which products like SodPods and NutriPods can turn lawn care into an engaging and rewarding family activity.


Physical Health Benefits

  1. Exercise: Outdoor activities serve as a fantastic way to incorporate regular physical exercise into your family routine. Be it a group hike, a bike ride, or even a simple game of catch, these activities keep the family active, assisting in maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risk of various health conditions like heart disease and diabetes, and enhancing overall fitness.
  2. Vitamin D Exposure: Sunlight exposure, a beneficial byproduct of outdoor activities, boosts the family’s Vitamin D levels. This essential "sunshine vitamin" promotes healthy bones and teeth and could also provide protection from numerous health conditions such as cancer and multiple sclerosis.
  3. Improved Sleep: Engaging in outdoor physical activities can significantly enhance sleep quality. Such activities help regulate sleep patterns, while exposure to natural light assists in maintaining our internal body clock.


Emotional Health Benefits

  1. Stress Relief: The calming effect of nature is an effective antidote to stress, anxiety, and depression. Even a simple forest walk can lower stress hormone levels and reduce blood pressure.
  2. Improved Mood: Outdoor family activities provide a natural mood booster. The endorphins released during physical activities coupled with the enjoyment and laughter that family activities bring about create a positive and happy mental state.
  3. Strengthened Family Bonds: Shared experiences, particularly those involving fun and adventure, foster closer relationships among family members, creating a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect.
  4. Enhanced Self-esteem: Overcoming challenges that outdoor activities present can lead to a sense of accomplishment, boosting self-esteem and confidence, especially in children.
  5. Mindfulness and Appreciation for Nature: Outdoor activities promote mindfulness, which is linked to improved mental wellbeing. Moreover, spending time in nature fosters a respect for the environment and inspires a family-wide ethos of conservation.


A Family Project with SodPods and NutriPods

Adding to the myriad of ways to enjoy the outdoors with family, consider starting a hands-on, eco-friendly project like repairing your lawn or filling in patches where your grass is thin. This is where SodPods grass plugs can play a significant role.

Nutripod Bundle


SodPods are an innovative approach to lawn care and restoration. They are small sections of mature turf and soil that are ready to plant in your lawn. Each pod is essentially a mini lawn, containing fully mature grass that's healthier, greener, and more disease-resistant than traditional grass seeds. We offer several varieties of warm-season grass plugs, including St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia grass. SodPods are shipped directly from our family-owned and operated farm, ensuring quality and freshness.


To complement your SodPods project, we introduce NutriPods, the perfect tool to assist in growing your grass plugs. The SodPods Power Planter attaches to most cordless drills and measures 3 in. W x 12 in. L - the ideal size for planting grass plugs. This trio is as simple as drilling your hole, placing a NutriPod in each hole, planting your SodPods grass plug, and watching your lawn grow!



Not only are NutriPods environmentally friendly, but they also facilitate the growth of SodPods twice as fast and can last for up to 45 days, thereby ensuring a lush, green lawn in no time. In the process, you'll also be teaching your kids about the principles of responsible consumption and waste reduction, given that NutriPods produce zero waste.


Engaging in a SodPods and NutriPods project as a family can be highly rewarding. Children get to learn about responsibility, patience, and the basics of gardening while having fun and getting their hands dirty. It encourages everyone to spend more time outdoors, reaping the benefits of nature and physical activity. Furthermore, the outcome is a beautiful lawn that the whole family can take pride in.


Not just enhancing your home's appearance, this project serves as an excellent opportunity to discuss environmental stewardship. SodPods require less water and fertilizer than traditional sod, making them a more sustainable choice. Incorporating SodPods and NutriPods into your family's outdoor activities not only brings immediate rewards but also contributes to a greener future.


A Path to Family Fun, Health, and Happiness

The benefits of outdoor family time are substantial and diverse, affecting every aspect of health. So, the next time you're considering weekend plans or brainstorming how to spend some quality time with your family, think about stepping outside. Whether it’s a backyard game, a local park visit, a family camping adventure, or a SodPods and NutriPods project, the great outdoors presents countless opportunities for fun, health, and happiness.


Jamie Tedder

Jamie surrently serve as Vice President on the board for Turfgrass Producers of Florida. He currently oversees the production of all grasses throughout all farms in Florida at Bethel Farms. He is actively working with top grass breeders, researchers, producers and end users from public and private institutions around the country to stay up to date on current industry developments. Being a University of Florida graduate, he has applied that knowledge to over 22 years of experience growing spectacular grass!

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