5 Things to Know About ProVista™ St. Augustine Grass


While it’s some task that you don’t look forward to, lawn mowing is an unavoidable and essential part of lawn maintenance. However, imagine an alternative—a slow-growing grass that can reduce your mowing sessions by half.

Introducing ProVista™, a premium hybrid St. Augustine grass that transforms your lawn into lush, deep green cover with complete weed control and half the mowing requirements. Keep reading for the five key things about this new grass variety available as grass plugs at Bethel Farms.

ProVista™ is a Hybrid St. Augustine Grass Variety

St. Augustine is a warm-season grass well-suited for Florida's warm, subtropical climate. It thrives in full sun and is known for its good tolerance for heat, shade, and humidity. ProVista™, a dark green, dense grass of the St. Augustine variety, builds upon the reliable genetics of Floratam—the most widely used St. Augustine cultivar.

Like Floratam, ProVista™ St. Augustine grass is characterized by its wide, coarse blades. However, it has been engineered to perform better than Floratam in several key areas.

This St. Augustine Grass Variety is the First Glyphosate-Tolerant Turf on the Market

To start with, ProVista™ exhibits dense, horizontal growth that crowds out most weeds. However, its key distinguishing factor is its ability to withstand potent non-selective herbicides like glyphosate.

While selective post-emergent herbicides can be convenient, they are usually more expensive and don't control broadleaf weeds. Glyphosate, on the other hand, is effective against a broad spectrum of weeds.

This added resilience ensures that your ProVista™ lawn can withstand non-selective herbicide applications, providing an effective and cost-effective solution for weed control without compromising your lawn's overall health and appearance.


It Has a Horizontal Growth Habit that Cuts Your Mowing By Half

ProVista™ grows horizontally more than vertically, translating to a slow vertical growth rate that requires only half the mowing effort compared to traditional St. Augustine grass.

Its horizontal growth not only reduces the mowing frequency but also allows it to effectively fill in bare spots and recover damaged areas in your lawn. This feature makes ProVista™ a great option for high-traffic areas, including homes with children or pets and sports fields, providing a versatile, lush, and resilient green cover.

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It Has a Uniform Growth Pattern and Performs Well in Moderate Shade

Like most grass types in Florida, ProVista™ excels in full sun. But it distinguishes itself by performing well in moderate shade. It maintains optimal health even with just about four hours of sunlight daily, making it adaptable to various lawn conditions.

Additionally, ProVista™ addresses the common issue of uneven growth due to varying sunlight exposure throughout the day. Traditional grasses often grow significantly faster in full sun, resulting in an irregular growth pattern that poses challenges for lawn maintenance, such as uneven mowing.

ProVista™, with its slow growth rate, resolves this issue by promoting more even growth in lawns with different levels of sun exposure and shade.

It Requires Less Fertilizer to Maintain Quality

ProVista™ stands out with its exceptional ability to thrive with fewer fertilizer applications than traditional St. Augustine varieties.

Besides reduced mowing frequency, its slower growth rate contributes to reduced fertilizer needs, making it a sustainable and cost-effective option for homeowners. This quality not only simplifies your lawn care routine but also underscores ProVista™ as a sustainable option for a lush, green lawn with less environmental impact.


ProVista™ Grass Plugs at Bethel Farms

ProVista™ St. Augustine grass sets a new standard for eco-conscious beauty and durability with its exceptional qualities that require less maintenance.

This premium sod redefines the possibilities for transforming lawns into smart and sustainable yards without compromising aesthetic appeal. Today, we make it more accessible by offering ProVista™ in convenient formats—in 400 sq. feet pallets and grass plugs—providing you with versatile options to upgrade your lawn.

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Jamie Tedder

Jamie surrently serve as Vice President on the board for Turfgrass Producers of Florida. He currently oversees the production of all grasses throughout all farms in Florida at Bethel Farms. He is actively working with top grass breeders, researchers, producers and end users from public and private institutions around the country to stay up to date on current industry developments. Being a University of Florida graduate, he has applied that knowledge to over 22 years of experience growing spectacular grass!

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