6 Factors to Consider When Looking for a Grass Plug Supplier


When establishing a new lawn, you have several options to choose from—starting from seeds, using grass plugs, or laying sod.

Grass plugs, in particular, have their advantages. These small pieces of sod are planted from 9 to 18 inches apart. Over time, they grow into a healthy, dense lawn of your preferred grass type. They have several benefits, such as establishing faster than seed and being a more cost-effective solution than sod. In addition to starting a new lawn, grass plugs are also great for repairing damaged areas in existing lawns.

Now, regarding finding a supplier of grass plugs for sale, there are even more options to consider. It's essential to select a reputable sod farm that provides high-quality grass plugs to ensure successful results.


What to Look for in a Grass Plug Supplier

A reliable sod supplier will deliver healthy grass plugs that are well-suited to your local climate and soil conditions. They will also provide guidance on planting and caring for your grass plugs to ensure they are established properly. Continue reading as we elaborate on the factors you should consider when buying grass plugs.


When selecting a grass plug, it's essential to consider the grass varieties they offer and choose one that is well-suited to your local climate and soil conditions. In Florida's warm and humid climate, warm-season grass varieties thrive. These include:

Bermuda Grass Plugs - known for its excellent heat and drought tolerance.

Zoysia Grass Plugs - which forms a dense, green turf that can withstand heavy wear and tear from foot traffic.

St. Augustine Grass Plugs - characterized by its blue-green color and lush growth.

A trustworthy sod farm will explain the varieties they offer and help you select the best grass plugs for your local weather and soil conditions, addressing any concerns you may have about their suitability to your specific needs.

Minimum Order

You want to ensure you can order the quantity of grass plugs you need without purchasing excessively more than necessary. For example, our SodPods® grass plugs are sold at a minimum of packs of 16 online.

When determining how many grass plugs to buy, consider the coverage area and the spacing requirements. Grass plugs are usually planted 9-18 inches apart. Measure your yard as accurately as possible and add a small allowance, anywhere from 5-to 10 percent, to account for any errors or gaps in coverage. It's better to have a few extra plugs on hand than to risk ordering again to complete the project.


Grass plugs, mature plants with established root systems, have a longer shelf life and can withstand long-distance shipments. However, it's crucial to choose a variety well-suited to your local climate for successful establishment and long-term lawn health. With SodPods® shipped nationwide, it's now easier than ever to access a variety of warm-season grass plugs well-adapted to the warm and humid Florida climate.


It's important to know how many days in advance you have to order the grass plugs so you can plan and schedule delivery for the day you intend to plant them.

SodPod orders are typically shipped within 3-7 days, excluding weekends. Another advantage of grass plugs over sod is their established root systems, allowing them to survive longer without being planted if cared for properly, as they are living plants.



Not all products are created equal—even if they may look similar online. The quality of grass plugs can vary significantly between providers. This is why you should do your research and read reviews from real customers before making a purchase.

Reading reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality of the grass plugs and the overall satisfaction of previous buyers. This way, you can make a more informed decision, avoid potential issues, and ultimately, buy from a supplier that provides high-quality products.

Customer Service

Reputable sod farms are always willing to help their clients succeed in lawn care. They can provide valuable tips and suggestions to ensure the grass plugs adapt to their new environment.

Whether you have questions about planting, watering, or maintenance, a good sod farm can provide guidance and support. Once you find a sod farm you can trust, take the time to ask about any aspect of the products you may find confusing. Additionally, buying from a local farm offers added benefits, as they will have a better understanding of the specific challenges and conditions of your local climate. This means you're more likely to receive suggestions and advice tailored to your area, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome for your lawn.


Buying Grass Plugs for Sale? Trust SodPods®

Invest in high-quality grass plugs from a reputable sod supplier to ensure a beautiful and healthy lawn that lasts for years.

While buying grass plugs online is convenient, it's crucial to do your research to avoid any surprises upon delivery. At SodPods®, we offer more than just a transaction—our sod experts can provide tips as you plan your outdoor space.

Explore our range of warm-season grass plug varieties and grass-plugging tools on the SodPods® website today.


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