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  • 5 Best Types of St. Augustine Grass in Florida

    St. Augustine stands out among the warm-season grass varieties, providing a unique combination of drought tolerance, ease of maintenance, and versatility to adapt to the dynamic Florida weather. In addition to its inherent qualities, hybrid varieties have been developed with improved capabilities, such as complete weed control and maintaining a healthy lawn even with reduced fertilizer needs.
  • 5 Things to Know About ProVista™ St. Augustine Grass

    While it’s some task that you don’t look forward to, lawn mowing is an unavoidable and essential part of lawn maintenance. However, imagine an alternative—a slow-growing grass that can reduce your mowing sessions by half.
  • What is CitraBlue St. Augustine Grass?

    St. Augustine is a dark green grass with broad, flat blades and a coarse texture. With excellent tolerance against heat and humidity, it thrives in the warm sub-tropical weather in Florida and the rest of the southern states. It is also favorable among homeowners looking for a low-maintenance lawn with less mowing and fertilizing requirements.

  • 4 Best Drought-Tolerant, Low-Maintenance Grass Varieties

    Drought tolerance in grass doesn't guarantee a prolonged green appearance without rain. Instead, it means your grass can endure extended periods of drought by entering a dormant state. This physiological process protects the grass against heat and dry spells, wherein the grass completely stops growing and turns brown. But, once water becomes available, it should resume growth and return to its vibrant state.